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cracked screen-174x300It happens easily enough - you have just dropped your new iPhone 4 and smashed the screen. All is not lost! Fix My Mobile can repair your cracked screen as good as new. So what happens and what do you get when you have your Apple iPhone screen replaced by Fix My Mobile?


First, our experienced technicians will disassemble your iPhone and inspect the damage making sure that only the screen has been affected. Next, using top quality parts we will put your iPhone 4 back together as if nothing ever happened! Finally we test the phone, then it's ready to go back home with you. The whole process takes some time so please allow approximately 2 hours. If you need it faster ensure you book the Priority Service.


Where are all these original Apple parts made? They come from all corners of the globe but the main manufacturer is Foxconn. Foxconn has huge manufacturing facilities all over the world most of which are based in China. If you know your way around a computer you have probably seen their name on parts used in your PC.


PLEASE NOTE: We currently only offer high quality Non- Original Manufacturer new parts for Apple iPhone Repairs


iphone frame-300x223What's in an genuine / original screen replacement:

- Original Apple LCD Display

- Original Apple Digitiser / Touch Screen

- Original Apple Glass

- Original Apple Frame

- Installation by our experienced technicians.

- 90 Day warranty on all work completed.


What's in a generic / compatible screen replacement:

- Compatible Apple LCD Display

- Compatible Digitiser / Touch Screen

- Compatible Glass

- Compatible Frame

- Installation by our experienced technicians

- 90 Day warranty on all work completed


As with all repairs please read your device's warranty terms and conditions as some repairs may void those terms.