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HTCIf you're tired of the operator branding on your HTC or having other software related problems, reflashing your HTC may give your phone a new lease of life. Fix My Mobile can upgrade the software on your HTC for as little as $49.

You have the choice of reinstalling the official carriers ROM (Telstra, Optus etc) or you can opt for a generic (WWE) version that doesn't have any carriers branding. Because we use a gold card to flash your HTC phone, which is a special type of SD card similar to what your digital camera might use, we don't need to connect your phone to a PC at all. This means even if your phone can no longer connect to your computer, we can still update its firmware. Even better, if you keep your carriers original firmware, we can upgrade your HTC Stock ROM without effecting your warranty!

When you get the software upgraded on your HTC mobile phone you can also get the native language changed at the same time. If you have important information on your phone we can even create a backup for you. As usual, we always recommend making a backup of your phone and fully charge it before you bring it to us. The whole process only takes 1-2 hours. Contact us or come and see us when you have time.

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