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GalaxyS2-286x300The Samsung Galaxy S (i9000) and the Galaxy S2 (i9100) are two of the hottest selling smartphones in Australia at the moment and it's easy to see why. With a host of killer features all atop of the Android operating system, it's one fantastic package. But as with all gadgets these days, it's not immune to damage and other problems.

Some of the more common problems that we are seeing at Fix My Mobile are;
- Distorted Ear Piece or speaker.
- Broken Home Button.
- Hairline cracks or broken LCD screen.
- Problems with the Micro USB connector.
- Battery not charging.
- Speaker Echo.
- Cracked Screens.

The good news is most of these problems can be fixed by our highly trained staff in less than 2 hours.

But what makes us a better choice than other phone repairers? All screen repairs on the Samsung Galaxy S2 are done with a full frame module replacement. Many other phone repairers just replace the screen. It's important to have the frame module replaced as well as this will strengthen the phone and has a much stronger bond to the screen which makes it less likely to have problems in the future. It also means that your phone comes back to you in such a good condition that Samsung may never realise that a repair has been done at all and your manufacturers' warranty could stay intact. For our full Samsung manufacturers.