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iPod RepairsFix My Mobile has been a leading iPhone repairer in Brisbane for some time now but what you might not know is that we also do a smashing job on iPod repairs. One of the more common problems is the iPod Touch 4th Gen's metal housing. It was never designed to be repaired by Apple and when the housing gets dented it tends to push the screen off. If this has happened to yours don't worry, we can fix the housing and replace your screen.

If your iPod Touch 2nd or 3rd gen gets a cracked screen we can have it fixed in a couple of hours. Don't forget that all work we do is covered under our 90 day warranty.

Other problems we can fix on the iPod Touch is the headphone jack and home button. Some companies just clean the headphone jack but that is only a temporary solution at best. Once the contacts start wearing down there will always be problems with the headphone jack until it is replaced. The home button can become unresponsive or stuck in some cases. If you have a broken iPod home button we can fix it. Just bring it down and it will be back to you in no time.

You can access our full Apple repair prices here.