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Apple has announced its latest round of goodies that will be hitting the market very soon. Including new versions of the big names we have come to expect each year:

  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPad Pro
  • and much more...

The new iPhones seem, at a glance, far from groundbreaking. They have a new touch sensor technology which can tell the difference between a soft and hard touch for different tasks.

The new iPad does seem to offer some new direction to the product line. The iPad Pro will try and close the gap between Tablet and Laptop with new accessories like a stylus pen and attachable keyboard. Along with far better speakers/audio capabilities.

Sony waterproofing is more like "water-resistant"! It seems that actually using the device under water or exposing the device to the wrong 'type' of water may void the warranty.

But as long as you stay clear of salt water, seawater, chlorinated water, or pretty much any liquid other than fresh drinking water AND you gently place it into said drinking water - you should probably be fine...