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Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be unpacked on 7th of August at the Barclay Centre in New York. The launch venue is the same as last year’s Note 9 event.

The Galaxy Note 10 InvitationSamsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung gave a teaser of some features in their invitation. The invitation is a GIF that shows a black S pen drawing a camera which hints at a connection between the stylus and the camera. It is one of the key differentiators between the Galaxy Note series and the Galaxy S series.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s Features

A lot of the features are still speculations and we have to wait till the 7th for the unveiling, but leaked renders suggest the phone has a triple-lens back camera with a 6.3-inch edge-to-edge display and no headphone jack.

Samsung’s Note 10 is said to have a single hole-punch selfie camera similar to the Galaxy S10 and S10e. Patents also suggest Samsung may put the selfie camera inside the stylus, which would allow for thinner bezels on the front, thus more utility for the stylus.

What’s under the hood?

A Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and a 4,000mAh battery. The battery life will be significantly improved due to the Qualcomm processor or a Samsung Exynos powerhouse, power-sipping, SoC.

Australia might get the Exynos version, and it appears to be the new 7nm Exynos 9825 which is closer to next year’s flagship SD865. There may be a 5G version as well, making the Note 10 a future-facing phone.

What will the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 cost?

We’ll we say anything up words of $1000. In line with tradition, the launch would likely be followed by pre-orders shortly after and retail availability the week of August 19. So, start saving! And if you do not want to make that big a dent in your savings but are only looking to upgrade because of a damaged phone, have a look at some of the repairs we do for both Samsung, Apple and many others. Find our articles on the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung’s Galaxy Fold.