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The next flagship phone from Samsung; the Galaxy S10, will be revealed on February 20, 2019. There are some pretty big rumours flying around regarding what technology Samsung might have been able to cram into the alleged 4 models heading our way. 

The 4 new models are expected to have the following display sizes; S10 E: 5.8 inch, S10: 6.1 inch and S10 Plus: 6.4 inch. With the 4th being a 5G model that is to be released after the first 3. The screen technology is also getting an upgrade with new Infinity-O displays which only have a single hole for the front-facing camera. In comparison to the new iPhone XS, with the 'cut out' in the screen that fits that camera, only having 1 small hole is likely to keep the neighsayers at bay. Many of you will remember that the 'cut out' from the new iPhone wasn't received very well. So this should be a big improvement on that. The new display will also have a built-in fingerprint scanner which is again, something that was thought to be coming with the iPhone but apparently couldn't be perfected in time. 

There is likely going to be an overhauled camera as well - which isn't too much of a surprise but this time it will apparently have at least 3 lenses which will no doubt provide better images than ever before. Also, it's been suggested that they are working on far superior nighttime photography.

The rumours get even more insane with the possibility of holographic technology on the back of Samsung filing a patent late last year for holographic displays. That's some crazy Star Wars tech right there. 

The usual features and upgrades can be expected as well:

  • Faster processor
  • Higher frame rates
  • Bigger and faster storage
  • Faster wireless charging
  • Longer battery life
  • Smaller screen bevel 

As always, we expect to be able to start offering repairs for new the Samsung Galaxy phones soon after launch but we don't have any ETA just yet. Need help with mobile phone repairs and screen replacements? Call our team on 1300 349 349.