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Samsung Galaxy S10 poised for BIG changes!

On the tenth anniversary of the Samsung Galaxy the South-Korean company is slated for a major announcement.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 launch date is is likely to be in early February 2019.Koh Dong-jin, Samsung's mobile business chief, hinted that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will have "some very significant design changes and come in some amazing colors.

The colours may be Black, Grey, Blue, Red, Green and Yellow, though while anouncing some software Samsung let out hat the phone will come in silver, green, black, blue and pink shades.

So what's the inside dope?

  • G support, four cameras on the back and two in the front, according to The Wall Street Journal.

  • Bezel-free display with a front-facing camera punched right into the screen.

  • Speeds that beat even Apple's A12 Bionic.

  • 19:9 aspect ratio, which would make it taller than the 18.5:9 Galaxy S9.

  • An in-screen fingerprint scanner

  • An improved 3D face scanner

What you shouldn't expect is a foldable phone! Well for now it remains just a concept. 

Samsung might rename the range. That might sound unlikely, but Koh Dong-jin, the head of Samsung’s mobile division, has been quoted as saying that “we have been thinking about whether we need to maintain the S moniker or the numbering system” so it’s possible.

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