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Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 screen repair for only $289! This screen is assembled by Samsung not a 3rd party manufacture like some others. 

BUYER BEWARE: This price is for brand new original Samsung parts - NOT 3rd party knock offs like some others or 2nd hand parts. This is a complete screen assembly, not a new screen glued into the old frame! Make sure your repair lasts by letting our fully qualified technicians repair your phone with genuine Samsung parts.

Why buy a NEW complete assembly on frame? Other parts may contain only the glass / touch screen or LCD Touch Screen assembly without frame. Even when it does come on a frame the majority is assembled (self welded) by a third party or refurbished and not straight from the manufacturer. Fix My Mobile does not recommend any of these cheaper alternatives as the quality of the repair is often poor. The glue and the pressure used to attach the screen to the frame by third party assemblers is not the same as Samsung factory conditions and does not meet their manufacturing standards. This will eventually result in the screen lifting up, falling off and allowing dust and moisture to enter the sensitive areas of your device, causing severe damage. Self welded screens look the same but most repairers wont tell you this is the case. Self welded has little to no quality control as well as re-used LCDs etc.

Why not get a screen protector fitted by our team while you're here to protect your new screen. For only $10 we will apply a bubble free screen protector to your phone. Want a few extras? For only $15 you can get 3 screen protectors and we will fit one of them to your phone for you! Amazing value and no annoying bubbles!

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