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The New iPad

It's finally here, the new iPad and yes it's actually called "The New iPad". Apple has made a number of steps forward with the new iPad particularly in the direction of Extreme High Definition displays. This is a great thing because with a company like Apple leading the charge we will surely start seeing new higher than HDTVs in the not so distant future. The new iPad has a host of upgrades over the iPad 2 including the processor (to run all those new pixels on the screen no doubt) and a better camera. Amazingly Apple has not included 'Siri' which made its debut on the iPhone 4S, but they have now included the 'dictate' function.

The new iPad is a serious piece of technology and if you lucky enough to own one, rest assured that we are undoubtedly ready for any repairs that may need to be done. If you need some details or pricing on repairs for the new iPad you can check out our new sister site which is dedicated to iPad and Tablet PC repairs

Want more information on the new iPad? Check out the official page of Apple iPad.