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HTCOne of the strongest players in the mobile phone market at the moment is HTC and with good reason. HTC has a reputation for cutting edge designs with excellent functionality and they don't limit their phones to just one Operating System(OS) choice.

But as with a lot of new mobile phones today as they get smaller, faster and have more features they are becoming increasingly hard to repair. Even to the point that some of our customers have reported other mobile repairers have told them that some repairs on HTC, particularly screens, can not be repaired at all. However, Fix My Mobile can repair any problem your HTC may have. We can do screen repairs on any model of HTC.

HTC screen repairs can take up to 3 weeks when dealing with HTC directly. Fix My Mobile can have your HTC's screen replaced and back to you in less than 3 days. For other problems, we can have your phone repaired in 2 hours!

Some of the more common problems that your HTC may face are;
- Poor sound quality due to faulty speaker or speaker stops working all together.
- Dents in the metal housing which may lead to buttons not responding correctly.
- Faulty or loose micro usb or charger connector.
- Faulty power button.

HTC uses the Android operating system or the Windows 7 operating system depending on which hand set you have. We are able to do HTC Rom and software updates on either operating system.

Updating your operating system is very important as it can help or even fix problems such as;
- Poor battery life.
- Software crashes and hangs.
- Better audio quality.
- Faster website load times.
- Better performance when loading apps or opening pictures/messages etc.

So remember, if your HTC has a problem now or in the future you can have it fixed FAST by bringing it in to Fix My Mobile!