tr?id=1276778602495883&ev=PageView&noscript=1 Westfield Chermside has a slice of tech repair heaven - Fix My Mobile

You may not have realised that in the same area that we are located in Westfield Chermside there are a number of excellent technical repair shops all in one great location. In the area right around our kiosk, not only can you get your phone and all sorts of mobile devices repaired by us, you can also find a massive range of cases, covers and accessories for your mobile phone if you pop next door and see the good folk at Platinum Communications. They have more accesories than you can poke a stick at! Maybe your service needs lie in either desktop computing or a faulty laptop? The team at Technica can definitely help you out.

All all these fantastic shops can be found right around the corner from our kiosk which is between RACQ & Wendys. Need more details about how to find us?

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