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5G is still in its infancy stage, here in Australia and it will be quite sometime before the coverage reaches everyone. Telstra will be rolling out the 5G network first to major capital CBDs and other high traffic areas before moving onto other areas. Telstra had announced in January that it had made exclusive 5G deals with some of the world’s biggest phone manufacturers.

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Samsung recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of their Galaxy S range and the company formally unveiled their first foldable phone: The Galaxy Fold at the event.

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How would you feel if you knew that a caller could eavesdrop on your conversation even if you hadn’t answered their call? Well a 14-year-old boy in Arizona discovered this when he was group Facetiming his friends and he could hear someone who hadn’t answered their phone.

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Apple has hit the ball out of the park yet again. They have revamped the way customers think about a ‘store’ and have put themselves ahead of retailers by leaps and bounds. They want to sell an ‘experience’ at these ‘Town Squares’ not just products. Yes, it is very millennial and that’s precisely why it will work!

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Facebook Privacy Breach. Again.

Facebook was in the news again for a data privacy breach.  The company ran a programme wherein they were paying adults and teens $20 per month to allow the company to track their phones including browsing history, physical location and private messages. The scheme, Facebook said, was intended to improve its products.

The news did not go down well with Apple and they blocked Facebook from installing its internal apps on iPhones.

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The next flagship phone from Samsung; the Galaxy S10, will be revealed on February 20, 2019. There are some pretty big rumours flying around regarding what technology Samsung might have been able to cram into the alleged 4 models heading our way. 

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OPPO launched in Australia at the end of 2014 but it has been one of the world's largest smart phone brand. It's popularity is mostly due the fact that it offers bang for the buck.The Oppo range of smartphones offer premium functionality and features for half th eprice of the top-tier devices.

If you are considering OPPO but are confused here is an overview of their current smart phones.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 poised for BIG changes!

On the tenth anniversary of the Samsung Galaxy the South-Korean company is slated for a major announcement.

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Are you looking for a telecom provider that best suits your requirement? Or are you plain frustrated with coverage issues and less than average customer service? We've all been there! All major cities in Australia are covered by most networks, however mobile coverage in rural Australia can be reduced with little to no coverage at all. Speaking to network providers can help you understand what network to choose especially if you live or plan to live in rural areas. Also consider how much data you may need or if you'd like to go on a contract or go pre-paid.

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The mobile phone industry does a fantastic job of motivating people, young and old to part with their money on a biannual or annual basis. It's pretty rare that people hold on to their old phone for very long. There are obviously exceptions to the rule. In fact, I recently just upgraded from the iPhone 4S (pretty good effort!). But there is no doubt that it's far more common for people to upgrade their phones than to hold onto them. And that's exactly what phone companies are counting on.