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hackers Blog - Page 4 - Fix My Mobile

A text message can hack your iPhone. Sounds like a plot for a sci-fi movie or a Robin Cook novel but its not. Google’s research team Project Zero discovered 6 alarming bugs in Apple’s iMessage that could be exploited to gain control over users’ iPhones and cause potential harm.

5G_in_Aus Blog - Page 4 - Fix My Mobile

Amid a leadership shake-up last month, the Australian government blocked Huawei Technologies, a Chinese company whose technology underpins mobile broadband for about half of all Australians, from building the country’s 5G network.

galaxy-a-series-2 Blog - Page 4 - Fix My Mobile

Samsung’s new Galaxy A Series claims back the mass market

Samsung’s Galaxy A series brings premium features at affordable prices. The new Galaxy A series namely the A70, A50, A30 and A20 are classic examples of mid-range phones packing premier innovations and features.

galaxy-note-10-featured Blog - Page 4 - Fix My Mobile

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be unpacked on 7th of August at the Barclay Centre in New York. The launch venue is the same as last year’s Note 9 event.

reno-5g Blog - Page 4 - Fix My Mobile

Oppo has unveiled its first 5G smartphone, the OPPO Reno. Everyone was eager to see the side-swinging, shark-fin front facing camera. Inside the fin is the 16MP front-facing camera with flash, earpiece, rear flash and more. Flipping out only 11 degrees in 0.8 seconds OPPO say that the sliding is elegant with a great design sense.

5G-australia Blog - Page 4 - Fix My Mobile

5G wireless is a radically faster wireless internet that ideally is up to 20 times faster with 120 times less latency than 4G, setting the stage for IoT networking advances and support for new high-bandwidth applications. Though it will be years before the technology reaches its full potential worldwide.

samsung-5G Blog - Page 4 - Fix My Mobile

5G is still in its infancy stage, here in Australia and it will be quite sometime before the coverage reaches everyone. Telstra will be rolling out the 5G network first to major capital CBDs and other high traffic areas before moving onto other areas. Telstra had announced in January that it had made exclusive 5G deals with some of the world’s biggest phone manufacturers.

samsung-foldable-phone Blog - Page 4 - Fix My Mobile

Galaxy Fold 3 ZipSamsung recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of their Galaxy S range and the company formally unveiled their first foldable phone: The Galaxy Fold at the event.

apple-facetime-ban Blog - Page 4 - Fix My Mobile

How would you feel if you knew that a caller could eavesdrop on your conversation even if you hadn’t answered their call? Well a 14-year-old boy in Arizona discovered this when he was group Facetiming his friends and he could hear someone who hadn’t answered their phone.

today-at-apple Blog - Page 4 - Fix My Mobile

Apple has hit the ball out of the park yet again. They have revamped the way customers think about a ‘store’ and have put themselves ahead of retailers by leaps and bounds. They want to sell an ‘experience’ at these ‘Town Squares’ not just products. Yes, it is very millennial and that’s precisely why it will work!