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Suffering from poor battery life? We can replace the battery in your Samsung Galaxy S4 for as little as $49! You might be surprised to know that other problems that seem completely unrelated are actually cause by battery issues in mobile devices. Such as the handset randomly rebooting or overheating issues. In more serious cases the battery actually swells and you can see that the case is swollen. This is a well documented issue for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

So don't put it off, over time these problems eventually degrade the fragile components in the phone either by increased pressure, heat or underpowering components. None of which is good for the longevity of the handset. Get it fixed now before you're up for much more then just a battery replacement. 


Don't put up with that cracked screen anymore! For a limited time only, you can save on Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 screen repairs. Not available with any other offers.

Online Bookings Only!

The doors have swung open and we have already done our first repairs at our brand new store in the heart of Brisbane's CBD. You can find us at Shop 1B/144 Adelaide St, Brisbane. We are really excited about expanding into the CBD and we will continue to offer the same outstanding customer service you have come to expect from us. To help celebrate the launch of our new store we are offering a number of specials. 

If you would like more information about our new Brisbane CBD store please check out the contact page or click here

Fix My Mobile Brisbane CBD Store



Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 screen repair for only $289! This screen is assembled by Samsung not a 3rd party manufacture like some others. 

People all around Australia have got their hands on an iPad and luckily, even if you smash your iPad's screen, we are able to fix it!

The team at Fix My Mobile are experts in Samsung Galaxy repairs. Make sure your mobile phone is in the best hands possible when having delicate electronic work done. Only experienced, qualified technicians work on your mobile phone which makes us the best at what we do!

Why is there such a big price difference between screen repair options on my Samsung Galaxy?

The Samsung Galaxy is in the middle of it's big bang right now with sale numbers that seem to just keep expanding faster and faster. With more people choosing the Samsung Galaxy as their smart phone we are doing more repairs on them all the time to match the growing popularity. It's so popular that in some of the 'top 10' gadget lists of 2012 not only did the Samsung Galaxy S3 make it to one of the top spots but the Galaxy S2 made it on the list as well!

It goes without saying that when you pick your mobile phone repairer you need to know that the best possible parts are going into your phone. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy there are a number of manufacturers and assemblers; some based in China and Samsung's own manufacturers which are based in Korea. Unfortunately the 3rd party quality is not equal to Samsung mainly because of Samsung's strict quality control during assembly of the parts. 

What's the difference between Fix My Mobile and other repairers?

We offer you a number of choices for your phone repair; either choose to use the same parts that authorised Samsung repair agents have access to or opt for 3rd party components and save some money. As always, you will get our comprehensive warranty as with all repairs we do.

It goes without saying that we will always recommend the option that will make your phone as close to as it was when it left the factory as possible because then you don't need to worry about it failing in the future. 

Warning: Some other mobile phone repairers choose to not replace the frame when doing a screen repair and this greatly increases the chance of the screen cracking again because the old frame may be slightly bent or have old glue still left behind which means the LCD panel is not sitting perfectly in the frame. 

When making a choice about your mobile phone repairer, choose Fix My Mobile for expert technicians and the best quality parts available. If you have any more questions don't hesitate to call our friendly staff.

Samsung Galaxy Screen Repair Samsung Galaxy Screen Repair Samsung Galaxy Screen Repair


Cracked iPhone 5 Screen RepairsWe know that many people have been hanging out for this one! iPhone 5 repairs are going to be available very soon at Fix My Mobile. We are waiting for the final dates for parts to arrive but if you keep an eye on our website we will post an announcement and up date our price list as soon as possible. 

iPad MiniLife's tough, and we you need to perform a task that your iPhone's screen is too small for but your iPad's screen is too big for Apple has come to save the day by providing you a 3rd option! No not the iPod touch but the all new iPad mini. The iPad mini packs in all the features you love from the iPad in a smaller lighter design... except the Retina display... and it has a slower processor... and it still doesn't have the 8mp camera that the iPhone has... or a flash. But other than that it has everything!

On a more serious note; the iPad mini does have a place in this world and that is to compete with other 7 inch tablets. It's also cheaper than the new iPad, starting at $369 for the 16gb model. 

If your Samsung Galaxy S3 has a broken or cracked screen, Fix My Mobile has all the parts needed to get your phone back to you FAST.