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How_To_Backup_Samsung_Phone_And_Why_You_Need_To_1 Blog - Page 2 - Fix My Mobile

If you get into the habit of backing up your phone, if anything goes wrong and you need to reset to factory settings, you wont lose your data. With a recent backup to restore, you can recover – photos, contacts and settings. There are several methods to backup Samsung phone.

iPhone_Disabled_Fix_-_4_Easy_Steps_to_Unlock_a_Disabled_iPhone Blog - Page 2 - Fix My Mobile

If you put the wrong passcode into your phone, you will find yourself locked out for a short while. If you continue to enter the wrong passcode, you may end up locked out permanently. If this happens, unfortunately the only way forward is to completely reset your disabled iPhone back to factory settings (and hopefully restore a backup).

How_to_fix_when_iPhone_Screen_is_Flickering Blog - Page 2 - Fix My Mobile

It can be an annoying problem when your iPhone screen is flickering. It is not just a problem for an older iPhone with some users reporting it in new models as well. If it is happening consistently, then you will need to take action and there could be a few different causes. Below we list some methods to try to fix this issue.

Samsung_Screen_Repairs_-_Parts_we_use Blog - Page 2 - Fix My Mobile

Why is there such a big price difference between screen repair options on my Samsung Galaxy?

The Samsung Galaxy is one of the top smart phone lines available with sale numbers that seem to just keep expanding faster and faster. With more people choosing the Samsung Galaxy as their smart phone we are doing more repairs on them all the time to match the growing popularity. Since the release of the first Samsung Galaxy smart phone in 2009 they have been busy perfecting and releasing many different models and series for different purposes. 

samsung-s8-featured Blog - Page 2 - Fix My Mobile

Samsung Galaxy S8 Repairs BrisbaneThe Samsung Galaxy S8 has been out for a while now and has recently been becoming one of the more requested mobile phone repairs. This is the phone that goes toe to toe with Apple's iPhone and it's far from a pushover. 

iphone-speakers-featured Blog - Page 2 - Fix My Mobile

iphone 6s speaker and microphone repairsIt's no secret that Fix My Mobile can repair any 'i' device under the sun and we know your time is important. That's why we can have most repairs done in less than 2 hours! But not all problems are straight forward. Here we talk about some troubleshooting steps to try to fix your iPhone speaker plus dreaded micro-fractures and what they mean to your beloved iPhone.

iphone-5-screen-oem-vs-generic Blog - Page 2 - Fix My Mobile

The iPhone 5 has been around for a long time now and is still a favourite iPhone for a lot of users. With the demand for iPhone screens to repair old and broken phones comes a flood of copies from third party manufactures. This is the case for all brands of iPhone and other phone brands also - there will be OEM and Generic parts to choose from when needing a phone repair. Here we will look at the differences between the Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM) screen and a generic copy.

Mobile_Phone_Parts_Shortages_Coronavirus Blog - Page 2 - Fix My Mobile

The coronavirus has caused mobile phone parts shortages and affected the supply chain for phones as well as other consumer technology.

The virus, which began in China has caused manufacturers and factories in the country to close. It has also caused shipping delays and importation issues as the world tries to prevent the spread of the deadly disease.

The unfortunate reality of today is that most of the worlds consumer technology is either made in China or relies on parts made there. They are the world’s largest producer of mobile phones, TV’s, computers and other tech sent to overseas buyers.

best-in-au-logo Blog - Page 2 - Fix My Mobile

More than 2 awards so far in 2022 makes us feel amazing! We've been voted Brisbane’s Best Mobile Phone Repairs by We are super happy to have been given yet another listing showing how hard we work and the effort that goes into customer satisfaction. We've been selected based on their list of review criteria that you can find here: - bestinau business reviews checklist

pixel-3a Blog - Page 2 - Fix My Mobile

Google Pixel 3A packs quite a punch for a budget phone. It has all the high-end features of a Samsung or iPhone at half the price. At AUD $ 649 the Pixel 3A is the best Android phone on the market.

To make Pixel 3a more affordable, Google has opted for a polycarbonate body, which makes the phone very light and compact. It measures 6 x 2.8 x 0.3 inches and weighs just 5.2 ounces.