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We have just launched our sister site, which is focused on every related to mobile computing. So should you have any problems with your iPad, Galaxy Tab or any other Tablet PC head over there and check it out. We are running a limited time special as well which you can find on the home page!

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GalaxyS2-286x300The Samsung Galaxy S (i9000) and the Galaxy S2 (i9100) are two of the hottest selling smartphones in Australia at the moment and it's easy to see why. With a host of killer features all atop of the Android operating system, it's one fantastic package. But as with all gadgets these days, it's not immune to damage and other problems.

Some of the more common problems that we are seeing at Fix My Mobile are;
- Distorted Ear Piece or speaker.
- Broken Home Button.
- Hairline cracks or broken LCD screen.
- Problems with the Micro USB connector.
- Battery not charging.
- Speaker Echo.
- Cracked Screens.

The good news is most of these problems can be fixed by our highly trained staff in less than 2 hours.

But what makes us a better choice than other phone repairers? All screen repairs on the Samsung Galaxy S2 are done with a full frame module replacement. Many other phone repairers just replace the screen. It's important to have the frame module replaced as well as this will strengthen the phone and has a much stronger bond to the screen which makes it less likely to have problems in the future. It also means that your phone comes back to you in such a good condition that Samsung may never realise that a repair has been done at all and your manufacturers' warranty could stay intact. For our full Samsung manufacturers.

iphone 6s speaker and microphone repairsIt's no secret that Fix My Mobile can repair any 'i' device under the sun and we know your time is important. That's why we can have most repairs done in less than 2 hours! But not all problems are straight forward. Here we talk about micro-fractures and what they mean to your beloved iPhone.

One of the more common issues we have been seeing recently is the speaker on the iPhone stops working. There can be a number of causes for this but one that you may not be aware of is a phenomenon called micro-fractures which can occur in soldered connections within your iPhone.

Micro-fractures can be caused from the impact received if your iPhone has been dropped. Even if your phone seemed fine after being dropped it can take weeks or months to start showing signs of trouble. It's a bit like a cracked windscreen on your car. While it may start small, over time the crack gets bigger and bigger until the connection inside your phone starts failing altogether.

Due to the fact that these problems occur on the main PCB of the phone, or the components attached to it, it can often render your phone irreparable as it requires incredibly complex and expensive rework equipment to successfully repair the problem. Even Apple Australia do not repair this fault themselves, which is why they will replace an iPhone rather than repairing it for you.

The good news is that even if your phone is not repairable we can help you with a number of other options available to get your iPhone back to you and working again as quick as possible. For more details on iPhone or any other repairs we offer, please view our price list.

HTCOne of the strongest players in the mobile phone market at the moment is HTC and with good reason. HTC has a reputation for cutting edge designs with excellent functionality and they don't limit their phones to just one Operating System(OS) choice.

But as with a lot of new mobile phones today as they get smaller, faster and have more features they are becoming increasingly hard to repair. Even to the point that some of our customers have reported other mobile repairers have told them that some repairs on HTC, particularly screens, can not be repaired at all. However, Fix My Mobile can repair any problem your HTC may have. We can do screen repairs on any model of HTC.

HTC screen repairs can take up to 3 weeks when dealing with HTC directly. Fix My Mobile can have your HTC's screen replaced and back to you in less than 3 days. For other problems, we can have your phone repaired in 2 hours!

Some of the more common problems that your HTC may face are;
- Poor sound quality due to faulty speaker or speaker stops working all together.
- Dents in the metal housing which may lead to buttons not responding correctly.
- Faulty or loose micro usb or charger connector.
- Faulty power button.

HTC uses the Android operating system or the Windows 7 operating system depending on which hand set you have. We are able to do HTC Rom and software updates on either operating system.

Updating your operating system is very important as it can help or even fix problems such as;
- Poor battery life.
- Software crashes and hangs.
- Better audio quality.
- Faster website load times.
- Better performance when loading apps or opening pictures/messages etc.

So remember, if your HTC has a problem now or in the future you can have it fixed FAST by bringing it in to Fix My Mobile!

Iphone 4s-278x300

Apple has announced to the world that the anticipated iPhone 5 is actually the iPhone 4S. Needless to say we will be ready to fully repair the new iPhone 4S should anyone be unlucky enough to break their new iPhone. We will be able to repair the LCD screen on the iPhone 4S as well as any other repairs that may arise. Prices for the iPhone 4S repairs will be listed on this website once they are available.

The Australian launch date of the iPhone 4S is Friday the 14th of October. So if you are one of the first few to get your hands on a brand spanking new iPhone 4S and you do happen to smash or crack the screen make sure you keep us in mind as we will be ready to repair your iPhone 4S and get it back to you FAST!

Click here and give us a call to find out more.

blackberrybold9000-206x300The BackBerry has a wealth of features for business users and is still one of the biggest brands of mobile phone manufactures in the world. It's also famous for it's track ball but after some time it can get clogged up with lint and dirt. We are able to replace the track ball and housing if need be and get your phone working as good as new!
Track Ball Replacement (9000): $69
Track Ball and Housing (9000): $119

iphone unlocking-300x242Many of us love the Apple iPhone but many of these have been locked to a carrier network. These iPhones are usually cheaper to buy and unknowing customers can end up with a phone that will only work on one network. So what happens if you want to get a new phone plan on another network? You need to get your iPhone 'factory unlocked'. The good news is that our helpful staff can have your iPhone unlocked from it's original carrier so that you are free to join any network you choose.

We can unlock your iPhone from the following networks:
- Telstra
- Three Australia 
- Optus 
- Vodafone Australia
- Virgin Mobile Australia

It's takes us 5 business days to unlock your phone so please make sure you allow for the time we need. Please take in mind this is a permanent unlock, so after unlocking you can still upgrade your iPhone software without having the simlock back on.


Iphone Unlock Vodafone $ 59
Iphone Unlock Telstra $ 59
Iphone Unlock Three $ 99
Iphone Unlock Opus $ 99
Iphone Unlock Virgin $ 99

Fix My Mobile has been a leading iPhone repairer in Brisbane for some time now but what you might not know is that we also do a smashing job on iPod repairs. One of the more common problems is the iPod Touch 4th Gen's metal housing. It was never designed to be repaired by Apple and when the housing gets dented it tends to push the screen off. If this has happened to yours don't worry, we can fix the housing and replace your screen.

If your iPod Touch 2nd or 3rd gen gets a cracked screen we can have it fixed in a couple of hours. Don't forget that all work we do is covered under our 90 day warranty.

Other problems we can fix on the iPod Touch is the headphone jack and home button. Some companies just clean the headphone jack but that is only a temporary solution at best. Once the contacts start wearing down there will always be problems with the headphone jack until it is replaced. The home button can become unresponsive or stuck in some cases. If you have a broken iPod home button we can fix it. Just bring it down and it will be back to you in no time.

You can access our full Apple repair prices here.

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HTCIf you're tired of the operator branding on your HTC or having other software related problems, reflashing your HTC may give your phone a new lease of life. Fix My Mobile can upgrade the software on your HTC for as little as $49.

You have the choice of reinstalling the official carriers ROM (Telstra, Optus etc) or you can opt for a generic (WWE) version that doesn't have any carriers branding. Because we use a gold card to flash your HTC phone, which is a special type of SD card similar to what your digital camera might use, we don't need to connect your phone to a PC at all. This means even if your phone can no longer connect to your computer, we can still update its firmware. Even better, if you keep your carriers original firmware, we can upgrade your HTC Stock ROM without effecting your warranty!

When you get the software upgraded on your HTC mobile phone you can also get the native language changed at the same time. If you have important information on your phone we can even create a backup for you. As usual, we always recommend making a backup of your phone and fully charge it before you bring it to us. The whole process only takes 1-2 hours. Contact us or come and see us when you have time.

Full HTC Price List

firmware update-255x300

photo-1-300x224Battery replacements are an easy fix to a common problem on all electronic devices. Even the best batteries will eventually run out of juice permanently. As the iPhone 3G/3GS has no removable battery cover like some other phones, the battery needs to be replaced by an expert technician. While we are replacing your iPhone's battery we also check that there isn't underlying problems such as a faulty iPhone main board which is causing your phone's battery to drain faster than normal.

It's important to remember that just because your phone goes flat quickly, it's not always the batteries fault! We can quickly and professionally test your iPhone 3G/3GS battery and determine if it needs replacing or there are other underlying problems. This saves you money because you won't need to get your iPhone's battery replaced only to find out that it isn't even the problem! If we detect any other problems such as freezing, getting hot, cutting out, low reception we will direct you in the best course of action.

Here are some quick tips to keep your iPhone charged for longer: 
- Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth if not being used.
- Change intervals for email sync so that your iPhone is not continually checking for mail.

photo-3-300x211When you get your iPhone 3G/3GS battery replaced by Fix My Mobile you get:
- A brand new iPhone polymer battery with a duty cycle of over 1000 charge cycles. Tested using industry leading Cadex battery analysers.
- Professionally installed by experienced technicians.
- iPhone 3G battery capacity is 1100 milliamp and 3GS is 1220 milliamp.

iPhone 3G $69
iPhone 3GS $79

If the process is not successful for any reason we will refund your money less time and parts. Refund by direct deposit, cash or credit card. So why not contact us now and stop putting up with a flat iPhone!