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HTCOne of the strongest players in the mobile phone market at the moment is HTC and with good reason. HTC has a reputation for cutting edge designs with excellent functionality and they don't limit their phones to just one Operating System(OS) choice.

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Apple has announced to the world that the anticipated iPhone 5 is actually the iPhone 4S. Needless to say we will be ready to fully repair the new iPhone 4S should anyone be unlucky enough to break their new iPhone. We will be able to repair the LCD screen on the iPhone 4S as well as any other repairs that may arise. Prices for the iPhone 4S repairs will be listed on this website once they are available.

blackberrybold9000-206x300The BackBerry has a wealth of features for business users and is still one of the biggest brands of mobile phone manufactures in the world. It's also famous for it's track ball but after some time it can get clogged up with lint and dirt. We are able to replace the track ball and housing if need be and get your phone working as good as new!

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Many of us love the Apple iPhone but many of these have been locked to a carrier network. These iPhones are usually cheaper to buy and unknowing customers can end up with a phone that will only work on one network. So what happens if you want to get a new phone plan on another network? You need to get your iPhone 'factory unlocked'. The good news is that our helpful staff can have your iPhone unlocked from it's original carrier so that you are free to join any network you choose.

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iPod RepairsFix My Mobile has been a leading iPhone repairer in Brisbane for some time now but what you might not know is that we also do a smashing job on iPod repairs. One of the more common problems is the iPod Touch 4th Gen's metal housing. It was never designed to be repaired by Apple and when the housing gets dented it tends to push the screen off. If this has happened to yours don't worry, we can fix the housing and replace your screen.

HTCIf you're tired of the operator branding on your HTC or having other software related problems, reflashing your HTC may give your phone a new lease of life. Fix My Mobile can upgrade the software on your HTC for as little as $49.

photo-1-300x224Battery replacements are an easy fix to a common problem on all electronic devices. Even the best batteries will eventually run out of juice permanently. As the iPhone 3G/3GS has no removable battery cover like some other phones, the battery needs to be replaced by an expert technician. While we are replacing your iPhone's battery we also check that there isn't underlying problems such as a faulty iPhone main board which is causing your phone's battery to drain faster than normal.

The iPad has changed the mobile computer landscape forever and as with all mobile devices they can take a hard knock from time to time. The good news is that even if you smash your iPad's screen all is not lost! We are able to fix your iPad as good as new at a fraction of the cost. You will have the choice of using original or compatible parts and we will happily keep you up to date with how your repair is coming along. Servicing an iPad requires a bit of extra TLC from us, so please allow at least 1 business day for us to get it back to you. Also, because some iPads are not designed with a removable screen we will replace the screen during the service if required.

Repair-in-progress-199x300Fix My Mobile has always strived to be a cut above the rest and we always love hearing positive feedback from customers on our Facebook page. This keeps us motivated to offer the best mobile phone repair service possible. If you haven't used our mobile phone repair service yet you might be wondering what really makes us different.

cracked screen-174x300It happens easily enough - you have just dropped your new iPhone 4 and smashed the screen. All is not lost! Fix My Mobile can repair your cracked screen as good as new. So what happens and what do you get when you have your Apple iPhone screen replaced by Fix My Mobile?