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Repair-in-progress-199x300Fix My Mobile has always strived to be a cut above the rest and we always love hearing positive feedback from customers on our Facebook page. This keeps us motivated to offer the best mobile phone repair service possible. If you haven't used our mobile phone repair service yet you might be wondering what really makes us different.

We always do our absolute best to get your phone back to you when we say we will. We know your time is important and you can count on us to get your mobile phone back to you fast!

Unfortunately, in many technical industries there are a number of under qualified people who are acting as technicians. We have qualified technicians working on your phone and that means that not only will we fix the problem on your mobile phone, but we will also identify any other potential problems and make sure you know about them as well. Sometimes the impact that cracked your iPhone screen did more than just smash the screen and you need to know about it, and we will let you know beforehand before going ahead with the repair!

Our technicians have had previous work experience with companies like Nokia and Samsung and varying university degrees such as Radio Communication Engineering. On top of that we have over 10 years industry experience and have fixed over an amazing 10,000 mobile phones!

It's important to us that all of our customers know that they can always count on Fix My Mobile for support not just during the repair but afterwards as well. We offer FREE over the phone technical support to anyone that may need help after a repair.