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Are you looking for a telecom provider that best suits your requirement? Or are you plain frustrated with coverage issues and less than average customer service? We've all been there! All major cities in Australia are covered by most networks, however mobile coverage in rural Australia can be reduced with little to no coverage at all. Speaking to network providers can help you understand what network to choose especially if you live or plan to live in rural areas. Also consider how much data you may need or if you'd like to go on a contract or go pre-paid.

mobile phone australiaThe Top Mobile Four Mobile Providers in Australia

While there are quite a few telecom companies in Australia there are 4 that are essentially the biggest telecom providers.Telstra is Australia's leading mobile phone company. Optus is a close second followed by Vodafone and Virgin Mobile.

 Virgin Mobile was founded in Australia in 2000, and six years later became an Optus subsidiary. On May 30 2018 Virgin Mobile announced that the Virgin Mobile brand will be phased out by early 2020. Customers who have signed for a 24 month commitment can continue to use their service as normal. Customers who are close to finishing their commitment, or have no commitment, may be able to move to Optus and take advantage of the special plans they’ve created just for Virgin Mobile customers.

Here we compare Telstra,Optus and Vodafone on a few important aspects to help you make an informed decision before choosing the best fit for you.


If coverage is THE only deciding factor for you while choosing a provider, look no further than Telstra. Telstra by far outshines every other telecom provider offering the widest coverage reaching 99.3% of the overall population. Optus currently stands at 98.5% with Vodafone being the lowest serving around 96% of the overall population. 

Telstra is the only company to be rated 5/5 stars for coverage while the others are rated 3 stars tops.

Customer Service

It seems like ALL the top telecom providers could do A LOT better in their customer service department. Unfortunately none of them have a good rating as far as customer service is concerned. Telstra, Vodafone and Optus, all sit at a meagre 3/5 on their customer service.

Regardless of the company you choose, expect minor issues with the customer service.

Overall Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the leading factor to be considered before choosing a mobile phone company in Australia. Virgin Mobile which had the largest proportion of satisfied customers. With 88% of its customers highly satisfied with the services, Virgin Mobile was the leader in overall scustomer satisfaction. With Virgin Mobile now out of the picture Optus leads with 85% customer satisfaction. Telstra sits at around 82% customer satisfaction with Vodafone lagging far behind with a poor 66% overall customer satisfaction.

To conclude, all of the major telecom brands mentioned above are a reasonable choice, Some of them have aspects that far outshine the rest. Do your research on mobile phone plans especially if you need data or international roaming options. It's best that you determine your requirements before choosing a particular mobile company in Australia, tailored to your individual needs. 

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