Samsung Galaxy Note8 is here!

Galaxy note 8The newest member of the Samsung Note family is the Galaxy Note8. The Galaxy Note8 has advanced with technology in many ways. It's Infinity Display has a near bezel-less, 6.3" full-frontal glass, edge-to-edge screen so you can see more and do more while your device sits perfectly in your hand. The bigger screen allows you to take advantage of the uses of the S Pen when taking notes, writing messages, selecting text or expressing your creative side with the Samsung Notes feature or PENUP App. The bigger screen also allows you to have dual apps open at the same time so you can do more in your everyday. Available in Australia in Midnight Black or Maple Gold, the Galaxy Note8 is water and dust resistant, so you don't have to put your creativity on hold because of the weather. 

The Galaxy Note8 has dual cameras with 2X optical zoom and dual image stabilization (OIS), live focus and dual capture. The dual image stabilization helps to make sure your photos come out perfectly steady, even if your hands are a bit shaky or you're trying to capture that perfect moment while travelling. The live focus allows you to adjust the depth of field of your photos so your subject is the centre of attention. What this means is, before you press the shutter function, both of the cameras work together to determine your foreground subject, and the live focus allows you to blur out the background. Pretty cool, huh? Dual Capture gives you the option to photograph what's happening outside the frame as well, so you can capture more of the moments you're enjoying right in front of you. It also takes brilliant photos in low light conditions and features creative modes such as food mode, pro mode and slow motion so your creativity never has to stop.

The S Pen allows you to communicate and utilise your screen in ways only other smartphone users dream about. Hand draw your own messages to friends, use the smart select to create your own GIFs by selecting a section of a video, take notes, write memos or simply have the ease of selecting a section of text. The S Pen has a 0.7mm fine tip (where the Galaxy Note5 version was 1.6mm) with 4096 pressure levels for all the precision you need whether you're note-taking or sketching. 

If you need your phone to connect with every other aspect of your life, the Galaxy Note8 allows you to connect with the DeX Station to use your phone as a desktop PC, or you can request information at your fingertips, connect with everything around you or simply share photos with a simple command with the help of your own personal assistant - Bixby. Let's go through these features a little, shall we? Let's start with Bixby. Bixby is basically the personal assistant you've always wanted. You can talk to Bixby and tell it what you would like to do, type an action or select a suggested one. Whether it be to make a call to someone, find something in your phone for you or set an alarm or reminder for later, you can wake up Bixby with the push of a button on the side of your phone and get assistance instantly. One of the coolest features of Bixby is its Vision function. If you're a person who loves to travel, but might not always understand the languages of the countries you're visiting, Bixby can identify landmarks or translate languages just by looking through your camera! You won't ever be stuck wondering what kind of restaurants are around you because you can't read the signs or craving for more information about a landmark that only a tour guide might give you - Bixby has it all. The DeX Station, on the other hand, is definitely for the people who use their phones across work or study and need it all together. This device is sold separately, however, it lets you connect your Galaxy Note8 to a monitor, keyboard and mouse for that desktop experience. Access everything on your phone while enjoying the big screen of a monitor and work faster with a full sized keyboard and mouse - simply plug your phone into the DeX Station and away you go! 

When it comes to security, the Galaxy Note8 features biometric authentication so you can unlock your phone with your eyes, face, or the press of a finger. Samsung Knox is also there to help protect your biometric data and safeguard what's on your phone, so you can choose how you want to unlock your phone and be rest assured that what's on it is safe. Its powerful performance is backed by a 10nm mobile processor with 6GB RAM, Gigabit LTE and Gigabit Wi-Fi for great speed connection, Vulkan API gaming capabilities, quality sound and the ability to charge wirelessly. Without having to wish it was possible, Samsung has also included the ability to expand memory up to 256GB with a microSD card. How awesome is that? 

Overview of the Samsung Galaxy Note8 features:

  •  Infinity Display 6.3" screen, 6.2" accounting for rounded corners with 18.5:9 aspect ratio
  • 12MP Dual Pixel Sensor and F1.7 lens (on wide-angle camera) and 1.4µm large pixels
  • 2X optical zoom + dual OIS
  • 8MP front camera with F1.7 bright lens and smart auto focus
  • 10nm processor + 6GB RAM
  • Gigabit LTE + Gigabit Wi-Fi
  • Vulkan API gaming
  • Quality sound earphones tuned by AKG with 11Φ woofers and 8Φ tweeters
  • Wireless charging
  • Water & dust resistant
  • Biometric authentication
  • 64GB in Midnight Black or Maple Gold
  • Expandable memory - up to 256GB via microSD card

While parts aren't available yet, we will endeavour to get hold of them as soon as possible. For any further information on the Samsung Galaxy Note8 or any of our other services, don't hesitate to contact our expert team today!


iphone 6s plus

Apple has announced its latest round of goodies that will be hitting the market very soon. Including new versions of the big names we have come to expect each year:

  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPad Pro
  • and much more...

The new iPhones seem, at a glance, far from groundbreaking. They have a new touch sensor technology which can tell the difference between a soft and hard touch for different tasks.

The new iPad does seem to offer some new direction to the product line. The iPad Pro will try and close the gap between Tablet and Laptop with new accessories like a stylus pen and attachable keyboard. Along with far better speakers/audio capabilities.

Sony waterproofing is more like "water-resistant"! It seems that actually using the device under water or exposing the device to the wrong 'type' of water may void the warranty.

But as long as you stay clear of salt water, seawater, chlorinated water, or pretty much any liquid other than fresh drinking water AND you gently place it into said drinking water - you should probably be fine...

iphone x 8 8 plusiPhone X

The hype is real; pretty much all media outlets that were covering the latest addition to the iPhone line up have sung in unison about how the 10 year anniversary (does that make you feel old too?) of the iPhone was going to be a huge deal. It also happens to apparently coincide with a wave of current owners looking to upgrade from much older handsets as opposed to the normal technophile that might update every year or so. So with these 2 factors coming into play, it was a fairly safe call that Apple was going to try and pull something big out of its hat.

Now the curtain has been ripped away to reveal not 2 but 3 new hand sets coming to Australia early in November and we can now see if Apple can live up to the hype. So what is there to be excited about?

  • The major selling point is the new screen design which has basically no bezel. This means you get more screen in less space and it looks amazing as well. The screen is using OLED technology with a massive 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. Which more or less means you get much darker blacks and better colour representation. 
  • The 'home' button has been removed completely. So now to unlock your phone you just have to look at it, which isn't exactly new but this looks like it's going to be the best implementation of it in current handsets. It uses dot mapping technology so that it can't be fooled by a picture and is apparently less prone to being tricked than the fingerprint sensor. 
  • Tougher glass body - will this finally mean the end to screen repairs? Nope, but it might mean you get a few less dings on your phone. 
  • It should be super powerful with the new A11, 6 core processor which they say is 70% faster than the A10 and 3 core GPU for 30% better graphics performance.
  • It packs an amazing camera into a very small space with a 7MP front facing camera and a 12MP rear facing camera. 
  • Wireless changing
  • Waterproof IP67 rating

Cost will be $1829 for 256GB or $1579 for 64GB

iPhone 8 / 8 Plus

So why is there also an iPhone 8 being released? Why not iPhone X and X Plus? Or iPhone 7S and 7S Plus?

Well it mainly comes down to marketing. Can you imagine people choosing an updated iPhone 7 over the iPhone X - not really. At best it would be a hard sell, which makes it a waste of time. It would also mean quite a few people would have to jump ship because of the fairly big price tag hanging off the iPhone X. 

So they needed to release a cheaper alternative but still get sales and hence, the iPhone 8 is born. 

Now the biggest difference is probably the screen. In a nutshell, the iPhone 8 still has all the processing power of the X but has a (now) 'last generation' screen with a lower resolution. So even though the iPhone 8 Plus is much bigger than the iPhone X, the screen is actually smaller. That also means it has a home button and normal screen bezel.

iPhone 8: $1079/$1329 64GB/256GB

iPhone 8 Plus: $1229/$1479 64GB/256GB

While parts aren't available yet, we will endeavour to get hold of them as soon as possible. Hopefully, no one busts their brand new, almost $2000 dollar, phone for a little while yet anyway! If you're thinking of selling your old iPhone remember to book in now to get some of the cheapest iPhone screen repair prices we have ever offered!  

samsung galaxy s8 repairs brisbaneThe Samsung Galaxy S8 has been out for a while now and has recently been becoming one of the more requested mobile phone repairs. This is the phone that goes toe to toe with Apple's iPhone and it's far from a push over. 

Sporting an Octa-core (2.35GHz Quad + 1.9GHz Quad), 64 bit, 10nm processor with 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM it's far from sluggish. On top of that, it supports 4K video recording at 30fps as well as a bunch of other recording settings for capturing all those amazing moments life throws our way - like cats... doing cat things. Don't worry if you're main motivation is looking the best you can in your own photo's because Samsung has slapped in an 8mp front facing camera with smart auto focus. That's a real bonus because now that's one less way to stuff up taking a selfie.

It still has all wireless connection types that you've come to expect from flagship mobile devices but still maintains a fairly good battery life. They have also added in new biometric sensors so that you can unlock your phone in multiple ways! Now you can just look at your phone and the iris sensor/face recognition will (try) to identify you. Failing that, there is still a fingerprint sensor but it has been moved to the back of the device to make room for more screen space. 

If you're like me then you'll constantly forget to charge your phone and why the battery life is decent, it's not going to blow you away. Luckily the Samsung Galaxy S8 has fast charging which can apparently get it back up to about 50% in less than 30 minutes. Also, thanks to that whole little "battery exploding" thing, they have a new found interest in battery technology which has meant they now have one of the best batteries in any phone. 

Unfortunately, phones are still vulnerable to being dropped and squashed. So if you're new Galaxy S8 is looking a bit worse for wear and you're in need of a screen repair, give our friendly team a call on 1300 349 349 or Book Online Now and Save $10. We only let qualified technicians work on your device and we can also give you a loan phone so that you can be reached while we work on your phone. 

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 We now have stock available for screen repairs of the Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL!

Late last year Microsoft jumped back into the heavyweight ring with the latest version of the Lumia to hit the market. Both versions of the 950 come with a 20-megapixel camera. While the 950 XL also supports multiple recording options. With fast charging and battery life up to 25 hours (talk time) it's a fairly well-rounded unit. 

It also has a 6 or 8 core processor depending on the model. Both of which have plenty of punch and even a cool iris scanner. 

We now have stock of screen parts for both the 950 and 950 XL. Follow the links below for pricing.

Lumia 950 XL


iPhone 5 (ALL) $99
iPhone 6 $129
iPhone 6+ $149
iPhone 6s $149
iPhone 6s+ $179

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