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We are proud to offer a lifetime warranty* on all components that we use to repair your mobile device. In the rare event that a part we have used fails, you can rest assured that we will replace the part completely free of charge within 90 days. After 90 days the parts we repaired in your phone are still covered by warranty and you will only be charged for labour involved in swapping the parts over.

* Conditions:

We cannot offer a lifetime warranty on devices that;

  1. Either prior to the repair, or after, have been damaged by liquid. 
  2. Repaired or opened by any third parties. 
  3. Have received accidental damage after the repair was completed.

We do not offer refunds on parts or labour after 90 days. 
After 90 days we will offer replacement parts for any defective parts used in the repair. 
The original part used during the repair must be returned to Fix My Mobile.

You can find all our terms and condition on our website here or in store.

Other Warranty Types

  • Standard 30 Day Warranty

    Some repair types that are excluded from our Lifetime Warranty are covered by our 30 day warranty unless stated otherwise either in writing or verbally by our staff.