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samsung galaxy s8 repairs brisbaneThe Samsung Galaxy S8 has been out for a while now and has recently been becoming one of the more requested mobile phone repairs. This is the phone that goes toe to toe with Apple's iPhone and it's far from a pushover. 

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ipad-pro-repairs-brisbaneApple's new iPad Pro has been released and it comes in a whopping 12.9 inch version or the more petite 9.7 inch version.

For whatever reason the 9.7 inch version has a number of features that outshine it's bigger 12.9 inch brother. Such as, a better 12mp camera and the ability to record 4K video. As well as a better 5mp front facing camera vs a 1.2mp camera on the 12.9 inch version.

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 We now have stock available for screen repairs of the Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL!

Late last year Microsoft jumped back into the heavyweight ring with the latest version of the Lumia to hit the market. Both versions of the 950 come with a 20-megapixel camera. While the 950 XL also supports multiple recording options. With fast charging and battery life up to 25 hours (talk time) it's a fairly well-rounded unit. 

iphone 6s plus

Apple has announced its latest round of goodies that will be hitting the market very soon. Including new versions of the big names we have come to expect each year:

  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPad Pro
  • and much more...

tablet repairWhen your phone or other mobile device breaks we know that getting it fixed fast is an absolute priority. Unfortunately, this can also mean people jump the gun when picking a mobile phone repairer. But making a good choice here can, in some cases, be the difference between a repair that lasts the life of the phone or you needing to fork out for a brand new phone.


Got a bent iPhone 6?
We can get it back in shape for you!

The iPhone 6 has been launched but unfortunately for Apple's flagship device; it hasn't been smooth sailing. Having said that it does still come with some fantastic features and is undoubtedly going to sell like hotcakes. But if the fact that is bends or that you might not be able to actually make phone calls doesn't put off and you get caught out, we can help. 

For a limited time you can get 20% off batteries for your mobile device at Fix My Mobile. This is a great chance to get your mobile to hold charge like it used to when it was new. Don't miss out, this offer is only available during August 2014.

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August-special-batteries 800

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has finally sailed to our shores and as the flagship of next gen mobile phones there is very high expectations about this phone. Let get into the specs features that you need to know about:

  • Full HD 1080p AMOLED Screen
  • 16MP rear camera and...
  • 2MP front camera that has a 1080P resolution
  • Android OS (Kitkat)
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16/32GB Storage with microSD slot which supports upto 128GB.
  • All the usual connection types (basically everything)
  • It's also water "resistant" - basically splash / sweat proof
  • Longer lasting battery (21hrs talk time)

Check out the full specs list here

samsung galaxy s5 screen repairs

It is no doubt a serious peice of equipment that has more functions than a swiss army knife. But as with all phones, its not indestructable and acedients do happen. The expert team at Fix My Mobile can get your cracked screen fixed in no time at all. This is a complicated repair (as far as screen repairs go) so make sure you only get an expert to work on your phone. The last thing you need is for your phone to come back to you with more problems that it began with. Our team of expert technicians are experienced with complex phone repairs. It's this confidence that allows us to offer our comprehensive 90 day warranty on screen repairs. 

For more information on Samsung Galaxy S5 screen repairs or any other phone repair please call us on 1300 349 349 and our friendly staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Samsung is expanding its business with a vast array of new mobile devices. The Galaxy Note 3 is one of the latest editions that the company has brought to the market. The sale of this device is growing faster all the time as more people are choosing it to be their smartphone. The phone has a cutting edge design that makes it look stylish. It has a giant 5.7 inch display, which will definitely bring you the best smartphone experience. The 13MP camera will provide you the finest quality pictures. The phone includes a 2MP secondary camera that is able to capture high quality images too. The Galaxy Note 3 has 3GB of RAM that will ensure a speedy performance.

Is it difficult to repair it?

Modern smartphones are made with a number of features that have been miniaturized. For this reason they are quite prone to be damaged when dropped or even just day to day bumps and knocks. When this happens, you will need to repair your phone as generally speaking, physical damage is not covered under warranty. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a Gorilla glass display that makes it auto-preventive against any sort of rough use. Yet, there might be some incidents where it can get damaged.

Repairing these smartphones is definitely tricky that’s why you need to make sure that you get your phone repaired by fully qualified technicians at Fix My Mobile.

How can we help you?

We know that your phone needs to take as much pressure as you take every day. It needs to be in operation 24/7. Fix My Mobile provides a comprehensive warranty with all repairs so you can be rest assured that your smartphone will look like new once you get it back after being repaired!

Fix My Mobile can perform any kind of repairing for any model of Samsung Galaxy. If your screen gets scratches or cracks we can definitely help you! Fix My Mobile can repair the display and replace it with a new one in the quickest possible time.

Apart from the display problem, there are common issues that many users of Galaxy Note 3 can face-

  • Random restarts
  • Overheating
  • Booting loops
  • Wi-Fi problems

So if you are facing these problems in your phone, you can bring it to us right away. We will solve these issues in 2 hours!

Software updates:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is using the Android operating system. It is made with the version 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and is upgradable to KitKat. Updating the operating system of your phone can be helpful in many ways. It can automatically fix bugs or Wi-Fi issues. It may also consume less power and extend the battery life.

So when you need to update your phone look no further than Fix My Mobile. We can update your smartphone quickly and fix any problem! If you ever need our assistance, just give our friendly team a call and they will be ready to assess the problem.

samsung galaxy note 3 screen repairs

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