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The coronavirus has caused mobile phone parts shortages and affected the supply chain for phones as well as other consumer technology.

The virus, which began in China has caused manufacturers and factories in the country to close. It has also caused shipping delays and importation issues as the world tries to prevent the spread of the deadly disease.

The unfortunate reality of today is that most of the worlds consumer technology is either made in China or relies on parts made there. They are the world’s largest producer of mobile phones, TV’s, computers and other tech sent to overseas buyers.

The emergence of coronavirus saw China go into lockdown. Businesses and factories were shut down as the Chinese people were quarantined to their homes.

The 6 weeks that these businesses, factories and manufacturers of phone parts were shut down has had a great impact on the global supply chain of mobile phone parts. Add to this the shipping delays that Australia is currently facing and you can see the effect on the everyday consumer who needs to get their mobile phone repaired.

Mobile Phone Parts Shortages

Mobile Phone Parts Shortages and Mobile Phone Repair Shops

With concerns about the supply chains of Apple and other phone parts manufacturers, local mobile phone repair shops are feeling the strain.

Problems with the supply chain means it’s much harder for repair shops to simply order the parts they need to make mobile phone repairs. These repairs include common issues such as replacing mobile phone screens or batteries etc.

With limited access to parts needed to make repairs some stores may need to diminish their opening hours. There’s not much point in having staff standing around if they are having to turn away customers due to lacking the parts needed to fix their mobile phone.

Future of Phone Parts Shortages

It seems the worst of the coronavirus outbreak is over for China, with stores, factories and manufacturers already re-opening. The six weeks they were closed has had a great impact on the supply of mobile phone parts with a lot of product orders now backlogged. The next concern for Australia is also whether to allow products into the country.

Australia Post currently have a notification on their website warning of disruptions to flight and postal services due to the coronavirus. This includes parts being released out of China, as well as being allowed into Australia. The fear of spreading the virus through goods and products including phone parts coming through our Australian customs has seen packages being delayed, held and quarantined or even sent back to China. This also includes other countries currently deemed high risk.

The immediate future of the global supply chain for mobile phone parts is uncertain but Australia Post has stated that they have “implemented alternative solutions to keep services moving at a reasonable pace while following any precautionary measures deemed necessary.” To read more of this notification, please visit the Australia Post website. 

Mobile Phone Repairs

With rumours of social isolation being enforced on Australian people, it may be important now, more than ever to have a working phone to keep in contact with others through this tough time on our society and economy.

If you need a mobile phone repair, please contact us to discuss the parts you would need.  We also offer a mail in courier service if you can’t get down to one of our stores. Book now.