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photo-4-150x150We have all heard horror stories about mobile phones catching on fire, which some seem to have been blown out of proportion with some creative headlines. However in a recent article by ZDNet (click here for the full story) a iPhone on a flight to Sydney started "spewing black smoke" and had to be put out with a fire extinguisher. After being tested is was reviled that a loose screw managed to puncture the battery casing. The screw seems to have been left loose inside the phone after a"botched screen-replacement job" by a non-authorised Apple repairer.

We have always taken a proactive approach in making sure all of our repairs are done to the absolute highest quality and needless to say we were not the repairer that caused this mishap. Always keep in mind that not all repairers are actually qualified technicians. Not only do we fully guarantee the parts we use with a 90 day warranty, the same warranty also covers you for the actual repair labour as well. We stand by the work we do and that's what makes us the first choice for tens of thousands of Australians!

What you may not know is that before you get your phone back, we stringently test the repair we have done AND we test all other major parts on your phone to make sure it's in perfect order. We are proud of the work that is done by our highly trained qualified technicians and that's what makes it easy for us to guarantee it!