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HTC has been making big waves in the mobile phone industry for quite a few years now with innovative designs and the HTC One X is no different. Its got a myriad of cutting edge features like a whopping 720p screen (1280 x 720px), a grunty 1.5 GHz quad core processor and a 8 megapixel camera. What more could you want in a smart phone today?

Fix My Mobile is fully equipped to handle any problems you may have with your HTC One X mobile phone and we have access to suprior replacement screen as well. While some mobile phone repairers have to buy the replacement touch screen and LCD separately the standard screen is actually fused together which makes the phone more resistant to getting a cracked screen. Have the HTC One XL? We can fix that as well!Not only do we replace your screen with the correctly fused version, we also replace the chassis if required at the same time. The chassis of the phone is what gives it its strength. If this is out of shape or has taken any damage, the phone will be inherantly weaker and much more likely to have problems again in the future. 

The list of repairs we can do is virtually endless but here are some of the more common problems:

  • HTC One X / XL Speaker replacement
  • HTC One X / XL Screen replacement
  • HTC One X / XL Buttons not working or intermitent
  • HTC One X / XL Software updates
  • HTC One X / XL Micro Sim slot replacement